As a Grammy award winning DJ, remixer, producer and co-owner of Def Mix Productions; David Morales is setting trends. David hails from the street of Brooklyn, which influences his unique style behind the DJ booth as well as the studio. It’s that style that brings guts and accessibility to his music.


Few figures in contemporary music have influenced their respective fields the way Frankie Knuckles has revolutionized dance music. As one of the most renowned DJ’s in the world, Frankie Knuckles is still packing dance floors with his unique style for almost 30 years.

A natural progression within the Def Mix camp gave Hector Romero his most recent business opportunity as a participating partner and Label manager for Satoshi Tomiie’s imprint SAW.RECORDINGS. Weinstein, also an investor and a believer in the duo team, is working closely with Romero to strengthen his profile as a DJ through the Def Mix management arm.
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